Turkish marketing genius sells 'Elonmask' brand face masks


A Turkish entrepreneur came up with a brilliant idea amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and during a time South African-American genius Elon Musk is arguably at the height of his popularity.

Labeling his brand of face masks “Elonmask” in a witty reference to the business magnate, the entrepreneur caught the attention of social media users who hailed the genius idea.

With little information on the internet about the company and the entrepreneur behind it, viral social media posts show that the masks’ only originality lies in their name, and they are also sold under the registered trademark "Elonmask."

Aside from the fact that they are wittily named, Elonmask brand face masks seem to be regular three-ply, wired, hypoallergenic surgical masks with ear loops.

Musk has been under the spotlight recently with his hashtag he started on Twitter causing Bitcoin to jump in value.

He also made the headlines last week after inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin for a talk on Clubhouse, which the Kremlin found "interesting."


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